Amazing Mail Monday - FREE Stuff in the Mail.

Today was a great mail day here. I haven't been signing up for as many offers and entering nearly as many contests in the last month or so, but yet the free stuff keeps arriving. It's why I love this hobby so much!!

Today was a little weird, all 3 packages came by Canada Post but all 3 came separately with 3 different delivery men. Seems like a waste of resources? I just found it odd. So after answering the buzzer 3 times  in under 30 minutes I got to finally open my packages.

#1. Garnier Mission box from Topbox Circle

I am super happy to see this mission box arrive, for Topbox Circle members who got into the Garnier mission, you know there was a delivery issue and the mission disappeared from most peoples dashboards. Topbox Circle did ask members to be patient while they figured it all out, and apparently they did!

The free Garnier Topbox Circle mission was a little different for each person. The products people got were based on questions answered in their mission survey.

#2 OMZIN Women's Casual T Shirt Hollowed Out Shoulder Pullover Top from Amazon

Last month I won a $100 gift card from Maple Money in their anniversary giveaway and I headed right to Amazon to spend it! And of coarse I shopped with my Swagbucks account so that I got paid cash back on my already totally FREE order.

When I placed my order over the weekend the top was on clearance for $10, which was really nice it is now back up to $19.98. Even at the regular price I absolutely love the shirt. You can check it out here on , I totally suck at taking great pictures of clothing, it's just not my forte.

#3 Cottonelle & Sunlight Dishwasher Tabs

This order was again part of the $100 Amazon gift card won from Maple Money, for some reason the order got broken down into 4 separate deliveries. So in this first one is only 1 of 4 packs of Cottonelle and Sunlight dishwasher tabs. Winning gift cards is my top favorite prize, being able to get what I need/want without a penny out of my pocket is just amazing!

There are a few more things from that $100 win that should be arriving this week, so watch for that update!

See the rest of the free stuff that arrived in my mail box so far in April.