Making Side Money Online - Where & How

Ways to make side cash online

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With prices on everything going up making a little side cash online seems like a great idea, but how and where right!?

There are so many ways online to make some side cash, the trick is to only pick a couple of them that fit your lifestyle and time limits and focus on those only. Decide what the money you are going to make is going to be for and start focusing on that goal.

Having 10 programs you get involved with to make money online, will only stop you from making money online. There are so many programs online, but you will find that most are just a waste of your time. I don't know about you, but my time is precious to me and I am not much into wasting it.

You have to decide how much side cash you want to make for yourself each month and set yourself a goal you can meet. You also have to decide what you want to earn. Do you want gift cards that are essentially money or do you want PayPal cash? Pick programs to work with that give you a few options on cashing out your cash earned.

Ways to Make Side Cash Online


This is my top go to program to earn all my gift cards which makes all my purchases on Amazon totally free. They are Better Business Bureau accredited and have paid out millions to their members.

Once you make your free account you are open to all the different ways you can earn. There is no cost of being a member of Swagbucks and you don't have to shop to earn.

13 Ways to earn with Swagbucks
  1. Using the Swagucks search -You win SB's for random searches
  2. Watching videos you like
  3. Daily one second poll
  4. Playing games on your cell
  5. Printing grocery coupons
  6. Using grocery coupons
  7. Cash-back when you shop online
  8. Referring friends or being an affiliate
  9. Swagbutton 
  10. Surveys
  11. SwagIQ - Free Triva game, win prizes that convert to cash
  12. Swago - A fun version of Bingo
  13. Collector Bills- Promotional free SB's offered very often.

If you are serious about making some side cash for yourself make sure that you set your mind to doing things every single day. You aren't going to make hundreds in your first month let's be realistic. But in time once you get momentum going you can be easily earning $100 + easily just from this one program.


Legerweb is the top rated opinion panel in Canada. This is the best survey program out there. Even if you don't qualify for a survey you still get a reward.

The 3 ways to earn are PayPal cash, Air Miles and Areoplan. Surveys will pay you anywhere from $1- $25 and some even offer totally free products to test out at home.
Legerweb payment

Once your account has $20 you can cash out your money which is super easy to do.

The trick to Legerweb is to answer all surveys you get making more and more surveys come your way. Every month on top of the easy earning you can do there are contests and giveaways for members only.

You can also become an affiliate with Legerweb and earn that way too! So if you have a large social following, a blog or a ton of friends who like making money like you applying is super easy once you have your account.

Other great places to earn side cash with surveys

iSay Survey Panel - for tablet users
iSay Survey Panel for mobile users
iSay Survey Panel for laptop/desktop users
Pinecone Research - Ages 18-34 accepted only.
VIP Voice Canada - 18 years of age or older

Start a Blog

If you have hours home during the day, starting a blog is totally free and can really start bringing in a nice passive income. If you love trying beauty products and already are why not start a product review blog? Home with babies and toddlers? A mommy blog always does well.

Don't be fooled into thinking that you have to have a massive blog to make any money, there are so many different ways to make side cash when you have your own little slice of the internet.

Starting a blog costs nothing. Blogger which is owned by Google is totally free, and you can build any kind of blog you want (not adult themed). You can earn with Google ads, affiliate marketing, sponsored posts and so many more ways.

Having an actual website address/domain is always best and super cheap. Most places you can get one for the first year for under $5. But you don't need it until your blog is growing and fully up and running.

Tools You Need to Start your Blog

Free blog - Blogger
Canva for free images
Social media accounts such as Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter

Earn by Referring Friends

This is a great way to earn some extra side cash if you have a large following on your social media platforms. There are many great programs that will pay you cash to share your referral link to Facebook, Twitter, and many other platforms.

There are many online making a great side income by sharing their referrals to different things online.

With Amazon if you become an associate you can tweet or share a product link and if someone makes a purchase with that link you have just earned cold hard cash.

With Ebates you don't have to shop to earn, you can earn some great spending money by referring people to the cashback program.  When you make your free Ebates account you automatically get a $5 cash bonus! Use their referral program to earn. There are so many ways to promote a program that is already totally free that is going to then reward people with cashback on their shopping.

I could go on forever with suggestions, but doing a little research will show you that almost every program out there offers an incentive if you share their program, product or offer.

Earning Gift Cards Online

Gift cards are cash and people seem to forget that. Earning free gift cards from a few places is a great way to build up some saved cash. Amazon gift cards you add never expire, so imagine how much cash you have in your Amazon account at the end of the year if you did free things online to get them!?

Places to earn free gift cards