7 Website's Worth Checking Daily


You know that feeling as a freebie hunter when you forget to sign into an account for only 1 day and you miss out!? We have all had it happen and it plain stinks!

There are a few hot spots that you should check in with even for a second every day to maximize your chances of not missing out on a hot free sample or free product pack for testing.

Check out all the free goodies that have arrived in the mail from all of the mentioned websites.

Make sure to save this list for a daily reminder of free stuff websites to check! 

Websites Daily Checklist

Topbox Circle - Check 2x a day to see if you have a survey waiting or mission to accept. Spots fill quick, checking daily will increase your odds of not missing out.

Influenster - Sign in and answer any snaps you have - Answering all your snaps and being active increases your chances of being picked for free Vox Boxes.

Royal Draw - Enter the daily gift card giveaway. I have had  many members in our private group win gift cards with Royal Draw just by being consistent. Every day a new gift card is available to win.

Social Nature - Sign in and see if any new free product offers have been added for you to try at home free.

Home Tester Club - Sign in and see if there are any new products you can register to test totally free.

Sampler - Check and see if there is a free sample waiting for you. The offers change without notice, one day you could have no sample waiting and the next you could have two free samples waiting for you.

Emails - Every day twice a day for sure checking your emails quickly can ensure you don't miss out on a winning email or a survey that could lead you to a totally free product. Make sure to check your hidden Facebook messages too.