250 FREE Google Home Units Being Given Away

If you missed out on the free Google home mini that Spotify offered last month, here is your chance to win a Google Home for FREE! This is a pin code contest.

There will be 250 winners in total getting a Google Home.

The Google Home giveaway is open to residents of Canada.

What you need to do to enter:

  • Fill out the online form
  • Have a UPC code from one of the following bread products : Campagnolo St-M├ęthode product(Sesame Oat loaf (650 g),9 Whole Grain loaf (570 g), 100%  Whole Grain Multigrain loaf (675 g), White loaf Italian style (650 g), 100% Whole Wheat loaf Italian style (650 g)).

Where you can find these products

You can get a free code by mailing the sponsor. All the details for getting a free UPC code are in their rules and regulations for the contest.

The contest ends June 22, 2019.

Enter to win a Google Home