How Does Brand Power Home Tester Club Work?

Free Products in the mail

Brand Power offers a great free way for consumers to check out products before buying them. These are not off brand never heard of products, these are the top brands you are using right now and love. Membership is totally free and it only takes about 10 minutes to get your profile totally set up and ready for offers.

Once you have made your account complete your profile right away and do it in full. Add any social network links like Facebook, Instagram and whatever other ones you may have. Having a completed profile is the only way to start trying free products when they are offered.

How Do I Get Picked for Free Products to Try?

Having an account is not enough to get picked for totally free products to try. Being an active member of the program is the best way to get into more free product trials. Do reviews of your own on the hundreds of thousands of products already on the Home Tester Club website.

If you pick up a product like razors while shopping this week, snap a quick picture and take the 3 minutes to do a review on the website. You earn badges for these reviews, more badges = more free product offers you will get accepted into. A little effort can go along way with product testing programs.

How Do I Know When There is a Free Product Available?

Signing into your account often is the best way to know if there is a free product available for trial. You can get email alerts, but experience has taught me those don't always arrive so it's best to be proactive and sign in and sign up while the free product offers are active.

If there is a current product offer it will be in the test section of the website.

Free Trial Products in the Mail

What is Expected of Me in Return for These Free Product Trials?

You are expected to complete all surveys about the free product you receive in the mail. Share your thoughts, likes and dislikes about the product you got for trial.

Use the hashtag specific to the Home Tester Club on all social posts so Brand Power can see them too as well as the brand you are reviewing. #HomeTesterClub

If you fail to do this even once, you can be removed from the program and will get no further free products for trial.

What Kinds of Products are Offered for Free Trials?

There is a wide variety of products offered at any given time during the year. The products can range from outdoor garden products, household small appliances, vacuums, anti-aging products, shampoo's, make-up products, foods and more.

You have a limited time to apply for each offer which makes checking in often worth it. Every month there are new free product trial offers and surveys to win gift cards and prize packs.

I hope you enjoy your Home Tester Club account as much as I do. It's super exciting to get totally free products in the mail to check out at home!