How to Get Free Samples From

How to get free samples from Amazon

May's mail was just full of tons of great freebies (even with my lack of entering/signing up for awhile) and more Amazon samples arrived! If you want to know how to get these free treats in your mail too, I am going to show you a few ways to do that.

First Way to Get Random Free Samples in the Mail from Amazon

The first way is by taking part in the Sample Source program when its active a few times a year. It's a totally free product sampler program that mails you brand products to test out at home. The bonus to the Sample Source program is that throughout the year they will send you free samples or coupons based on the answers you give when signing up for your free sampler.

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The latest free sample from to arrive in the mail was Glade Plugins Scented Oil. Glade runs their online store on Amazon, so their sample offers come right from Amazon. You can check out Glade on Amazon here -> 

Second Way to Get Free Samples from Amazon 
Free samples in the mail from Amazon

The second way is straight from Amazon by having an account.

Make sure to opt in for free sample offers in your Amazon account. Then go to =>
Amazon Free Samples

Click on  "Communication Preference Center"

Having an account. Even though you are not placing an order fill in your profile information and add a default address. Your default address is where you would want your orders delivered (free samples too). If or when you place an order it automatically inserts the address saving you time.

Make sure to set your mail preferences in your Amazon account to get mail and offers from

Mail Screenshot from
Click "Communication preferences" and then "Marketing Information by Post" and opt in by checking it.

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