How to Make Contesting Friends Lists on Facebook

Facebook contest friends list

Having contesting friends to tag on Facebook can be a nice bonus to contesting. Not only do you make some new friends who love contests as much as you do, you get notified of contests you may have missed.

To make contesting efficient on Facebook and a little easier for you to keep track of contesting friends you can make a list. A specific list of friends that enjoy contests. This way you have your go to list of friends from different parts of Canada, and know who to tag.

You can also change your privacy setting of status updates and set it to your contesting list of friends only. That's a huge plus if you have family and friends that aren't so interested in your contesting hobby.

How to Make a Contest Friends List on Facebook

Step 1. From a computer look in your left hand sidebar on Facebook and scroll down to "Friends List" and click on it.

Facebook contests

Step 2. Click on "Create List" to start your contest friends Facebook list.

Facebook contest
Step 3. Start adding friends into your contest friends list. Type the first letter of a name and your friends list will automatically pop up. Add all the friends you know want to see contest posts in their newsfeed. When you are done adding friends click "Create".
Facebook contests

Now you can choose your contest friends ONLY when sharing or posting a contest onto your Facebook profile. This is a great way to keep family, friends and online contesting friends separate and not aggravating too many people who really aren't into winning prizes and seeing contests.
Facebook Friends list for Contests

Happy contesting!