What is the Difference Between Topbox and Topbox Circle?

The Difference Between Topbox and Topbox Circle

As my blog readers know I love Topbox Circle and the Topbox beauty subscription, so many posts about products from them and limited time free sample offers get shared here. With that said many people confuse the two as the same program and miss out on the free products thinking they may have to pay for them. This post is to help you differentiate between the two programs.

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Topbox Beauty Box Program

Is a paid beauty subscription service that mails you the latest beauty samples monthly. It's $12 a month and your subscription can be cancelled at any time.

From time to time (quite often) the Topbox Beauty Subscription program offers free samples up to the public and non members of Topbox. These FREE SAMPLE offers are totally free even shipping is free.

There offers go super fast and once the allotted quantity is signed up for the offer ends. Previous samples have been products like mascara, hair spray, skin cream and more.

Free samples from Topbox

Topbox Circle Product Testing

The Topbox Circle program is different than the monthly subscription. With Topbox Circle you get the chance to get the latest beauty product mission boxes totally free to check out. Once you get your free products in the mail you are expected to share your reviews online.


There are no fee's associated at all. Even the shipping of your box of products is free. Generally the products offered are full size and sometimes even a few products in one box. But there are times when a sample size product is offered in exchange for your reviews.

Now you now the difference between the two programs make sure to check them both out.

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