Win Prizes Instantly With the Tear Open and Win Contest

Instant win contests are a top favorite around here and there is a great one from Scotties. There are 3 grand prizes of $50,000!! Can you imagine winning that!?!? In specially marked Kruger packages of Scotties, Cashmere, Purex and Sponge Towels find a $50,000 winning ticket!!

There are also 18,437 instant win prizes to be won of $1000, $100 and $50. You will need a UPC code from the specially marked packages to win, and you will get a WINNER pop-up on your screen if you win. The same UPC can be used for multiple game plays.

WARNING: You MUST keep the UPC code if you are deemed a winner. As per the rules they may request to see the actual original to provide your prize. Put it away and keep it in a safe place.

Contest packages to watch for:

Scotties®’ Original 6-pack [skus 80136]
Scotties®’ Supreme 6-pack [skus 85285]
SpongeTowels® Ultra 6s [skus 53600]
SpongeTowels® Ultra Giant 12s [skus 53120]
SpongeTowels® Ultra Mega 6s [skus 53670]
Cashmere® Base Double Roll 12s [skus 34242]
Cashmere® Ultra 3 Ply Double Roll 12s [skus 35472]
Cashmere® Triple Roll 12s [skus 34313]
Purex® Base Double Roll 12s [skus 48214]
Purex® Ultra 3 Ply Double Roll 12s [skus 48573]
Purex® Triple Roll 12s [skus 48313]

The Tear Open & Win contest will be running until October 31, 2019 and is open to residents of Canada