10 Things You Should Never Write on a Giveaway/Contest Post

Love entering Facebook or Instagram contests and actually want to win? There are some comments that should never be used as entries into giveaways and contests.

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  1. I never win anything - Your comment will be overlooked every time. It has nothing to do with the product being given away nor does it acknowledge the actual giveaway. Sponsors do not care if you have ever won a prize.
  2. Win - Uhmm just don't write this as an entry comment. It's lazy and your entry will get passed by.
  3. I want - Comment's like these are a waste of your time. 
  4. Pick me - Give them a reason to pick you with a long comment and answering the giveaway post's question.
  5. Send it to me - Greed isn't pretty on any one. Put some effort into your entry comment for it to be noticed.
  6. Liked and shared - I laughed every time I see this comment. Liking and sharing are actions. Do them, don't write the words.  Liking and sharing- What it does for you.
  7. I need it - If you need the prize that is being given away, complete the actions the contest or giveaway post asks for, and write a meaningful comment.
  8. Me - You what?
  9. Give it to me - This is a comment even I ask a page runner and contest holder actually block out from my contests and giveaways. Manners go a long way when entering a contest/giveaway.
  10. Comment - I actually see people rude enough to write the word "comment" on giveaway posts that ask you to comment. Your comment is a waste of your time and will always get overlooked.
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