Favospa Scam Freebie Offers to Avoid

Well freebie lovers, the scam pages and groups are at it again! Trying to dupe you into signing up for a fake freebie offer that is a well known phishing scam. You can report the groups and the offer to the Canadian Anti-Fraud center to help stop offers like these from continuing.

Many people start freebie groups to increase their social followers not to benefit you in any way at all. Be picky about the information you trust from groups that post even one fake offer. Your information is yours and needs to be kept safe online.

Favospa sample offers have been proven over the years to be completely fake and simply out there to get your information. You will never see a free sample product from these offers, and no one ever has. When you see this offer in a group, you know you have landed in an untrustworthy spot and to not trust offers shared there. As well known as this fake is, there is no excuse for it still to be offered and promoted as a freebie.

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Groups and pages that share these offers take credibility away from legitimate offers and shy people away from a hobby that can be totally safe and a ton of fun.

The Favospa phishing scam is one to avoid for sure. You do not want this website having your email and information.

A simple Google search shows you the amount of warnings about these offers. Google shows the address of Favospa as a Pizza joint.  It could not be more clear how fake and scam like this offer is.

Remember the fake Burt's Bees sample that a large previous reputable freebie page posted a few months ago? It was a Favospa sample offer and well known as a scam.

FAKE Favospa sample offers to avoid.

  • http://favospa.com/free-body-scrub
  • http://favospa.com/free-glow-in-the-dark-shampoo
  • http://favospa.com/free-relax-essential-oil-sample
  • https://favospa.com/free-acure-skin-care-travel-set
  • http://favospa.com/free-bio-oil-sample

There are hundreds more of these fake phisising offers, so be aware and use common sense. A website with no products to sell and has been offering free samples for years that have never arrived is one to avoid. So are the groups and pages sending you to these not safe offers.