Instant Win Contests 2019

I get so frustrated when I forget to enter a daily instant win contest that is running. It's so easy to forget one when there are so many awesome instant win contests running.

Whether it be a instant win pin code contest or just an instant win you can try to win daily, it's so much fun seeing the "YOU ARE AN INSTANT WINNER" alert pop up.

Here is a reminder list that will be updated as new and fun instant win contests are found.

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Current Instant Win Contests 

Win with the Lucky Cheesstrings - Ontario Only Ends on July 31, 2019. Very simple entry. Just enter your email and watch the guys spin. If it lands on an Instant prize you win that prize.

Gear Up Like a Gatorade - Ends October 5, 2019 Instantly win Gatorade Gear. Enter pin codes from specially marked bottles to win some amazing prizes. See the prizes I have won so far.

Pepsi Epic Stuff Instant Win - This is a pin code contest.  You can instantly win T-Shirts, hats, gift cards, and Pepsi promotional products. This is a favorite here. I am at 14 wins so far! In July there will be hourly prizes to win instantly too. TIP: Contest cap Pepsi bottles can be found in some Dollar stores.

Maxwell Instant Win - This is a pin code contest. Ends August 4, 2019 You can find the pin codes on select products for your chance at winning prizes.

Tear Open and Win Contest - This is a UPC instant win contest. Ends October 31, 2019. Enter a UPC from the select products such as Cashmere and Scotties and you could instant win gift card prizes. You need to keep the UPC as proof if deemed a winner. 

Valvoline Why I Love My Car Contest - Ends  July 31, 2019. This is an instant win contest you can win a prize with monthly. Just fill out the form and answer the question to enter. I have won 4 prizes with this contest so far. 

Uncover the Secret Instant Win - Ends October 31, 2019 Enter a pin code from a 3M product to instantly win prizes. You could win Yeti coolers and even a whopping $10,000 gift card.

GoodLife Fitness - Ends December 31, 2019 Win prizes like backpacks, water bottles, towels and tons more. This is a one time entry instant win contest.

Vachon Instant Win Contest - This is a pin code contest. Ends August 15, 2019. Enter your pin code to win prizes instantly like T-Shirts, socks and more. 

Twizzlers Snap for a Twist - Ends July 28, 2019 This is a Snapchat based contest. Instantly win prize packs of Twizzler products, gift cards and more. You can enter daily to win.

Unlock and Win with Coca-Cola- Ends September 30, 2019 Enter pin codes and scan a sip and win icon to win prizes instantly.

The Real Chill a Day Giveaway - Ends August 30, 2019 - Enter pin codes to win some of the $100,000 in prizes being given away.

Toffifee Instant Win Contest - Ends October 31, 2019 - Win instant prize with pin codes found in specially marked packaged.

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