Low Entry Contests- How to Find Them

Contests with low entries can be a little tricky to find and worth it to search out and enter. Low entry contests increase your chances of winning a prize, but finding them without knowing what to look for could feel impossible.

How can you tell a contest is low entry?

We all see the contests on Facebook with thousands of entries and shares, that ask you to tag a million friends and share the post. These are not low entry contests, and most are swamped with fake profile entries which just dilute the contest into not being worth it.

International contests are never low entry contests, and neither are large brands contests. These bring in hundreds of thousands of entries lowering your odds of winning a prize.

How can you see the amount of entries a contest has?

On each social platform there are simple and easy ways to see how many people have interacted with the contest, which gives you an idea of how many entries the contest has already.
  • With Facebook - You can see the amount of likes, shares and comments on a contest post.
  • With Instagram - You can see how many likes the contest has, as well search the hashtag the contest is using to see how many entries there are.
  • With Twitter - You can search the hashtag to see how many retweets there is for the contest and check the comments to see how many entries there already is.
  • With contest software like Rafflecopter - You can usually see the amount of entries a contest has when you enter at the top of the contest widget.
  • With blogs - You can see the amount of comments and interactions with the contest post and get an idea of how many entries it may have.
What to look for when looking for low entry contests

  • Check contests at the near end of the contest to see what the entries are at. If they are low in your opinion then get your entries in.
  • Local to you bloggers - Bloggers in your own city or town will often have contests and giveaways that are only open to your general area. These are great places to find a contest with low entries.
  • Contest groups and contest pages on Facebook are the last place you should look for low entry contests. Contests shared there are usually contests with extremely high entries.
  • Search very specific prizes that you are looking to win plus add your city or town to the search.
  • Search photo contests that may be local to you, and start taking pictures of everything for the moment you come across a photo contest.
  • Check out your local malls website for current contests. Most people never bother to take the time to enter them, making them low entry contests.
  • Watch for "receipt uploading" contests. Many people forget to enter their receipts making these contests easy ones to win.