How to Win Prizes

Winning a prize is a great feeling right!? If you are part of my private group on Facebook, "My Canadian Mailbox" you see how many people are actually scoring some amazing prizes and know that it is possible to win prizes every single month!

Contesting is different for everyone, and your contest hobby should be unique to you and your lifestyle. If you have an hour a day to enter contests you will see that winning isn't impossible. If you have more hours in your day to check for the latest contests open to you, you will be amazed at what you can be winning.

There are quite a few things you can do to get yourself in winning mode and actually increase your prizes won.

Do focused searching - The best way to win prizes you really want is to do a narrowed search of those things. If you are hoping to win a trip to Niagara Falls, then search for contests that offer that as a prize and enter it exactly as many times as the contest rules state you can. Daily entry contests mean daily. Bookmark your daily contests, and each day get at least your daily entries in. Focus your contesting time online to prizes you need, and that you will use and get benefit from. Having a prize bucket list will help you start winning prizes you really really want.

Finding your local businesses on Facebook is a really great way of finding easier low entry contests that in turn increase your chances of winning.  Entering less and more focused contests can help you win more.

Follow the rules exact- Many contester's disqualify themselves from winning a prize by ignoring the rules. Let's take the Gatorade contest , the rules state you can enter 2x a week. If you decide to enter more often you are disqualifying yourself to win a prize. You can drastically increase your chances of winning a prize by reading and fully understanding the rules of the contest.

Breaking the rules of a contest is one of a few ways you could lose out on a prize.

Have a contest email - This is an important part of winning prizes. Having a dedicated email just for contests, will cut down your chances of missing a winner email alert. Too often people lose out on prizes because they missed the email and the deadline to claim their prize.

It's super easy and totally worth it to make a contest email to keep unwanted emails and spam from landing in your everyday email address.

Know how to spot scams - This is the biggest point to remember. There are more fake contests than real it seems and you knowing how to spot and not waste your time on them will increase your time for legitimate contests with better odds of winning a prize. Being picky about the groups and social media accounts you follow can really help weed of the spammy and fake contests as well.

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Avoid fake winning emails - Fake winner emails are rampant in the last couple of years. Answering one with your private information can lead you into more stress and heartache than you need. Make sure you can spot a real prize claim email and how to avoid those fake scammer ones. Fake winning emails often come from odd email addresses, have many spelling errors and have no contact information in them or a contact name. -=> How to spot a fake winner email

The best way to start winning prizes you want and love is to search for them yourself. Learn to search Instagram and Twitter for local to you contests, and you will find local contests have fewer entries.

Consistency is important to winning those prizes you really want to score. Taking the few minutes a day to complete all your entries into a contest you really want to win can really pay off.