My Canadian Mailbox Rules & Guide

Every morning I wake up to a ton of questions and confusing from new members of the group, and if I took the time to answer each and every one, there would never be time to share awesome offers. This post is to get you up to speed as a new member of the private group "My Canadian Mailbox".

The basics: The group itself sends you nothing free. Getting free samples and free stuff in the mail takes time, effort and consistency. Don't expect free stuff to just show up in your mailbox without you doing your part.

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My Canadian Mailbox has strict rules unlike so many other groups. There is zero spam in the group because of that and all contests, free samples, and product testing offers are legitimate and are worth your time.

Group Rules: 

1. NO Amazon Sellers Welcome
Here in the My Canadian Mailbox we do not encourage spending and do NOT welcome affiliate product links. The point of My Canadian Mailbox is about FREE products Only.

2.Canadian Residents Only- To be a member of this group you must live in Canada.

3. Prize Quality -Contests that offer one small prize will not be approved. Only quality contests and giveaways will be accepted.

4. NO Posting Links to  FREE STUFF Pages and Bloggers- We take great pride in our posts being legitimate safe, and open to Canadians. Under NO CIRCUMSTANCES will posts be approved and if this issue continues you will be removed from the group.

5. No Outside of Canada Trips or Vacations- Absolutely no contests that offer prizes from trips outside of Canada are allowed in the group and they will not be approved.

6.No Generic Facebook Giveaways -Don’t post regular generic Facebook giveaways.
They clutter up the group and make it harder to find high quality contests and advice posts! ZERO like and share posts will be approved. They are spammy and seen as such by Facebook.

7. NO coupon posts or couponing trades welcome. This is in no way a couponging or deals group. No posts will be approved.

8- NO Facebook local contests- Local contests are not for everyone and will not be accepted into the

9. NO shopping deals of any kind will be approved. This is not a shopping group - and zero deals , savings or shopping hauls will be approved.

ALL posts have to approved by admin to avoid the scams, fakes and dangerous links people try to post. 

Posts that won't be approved:

When posting your prizes and free stuff in the mail (which we all love to see) adding a link or tagging a page in your post will automatically stop your post from being approved.

Posts with overboard amounts of hashtags will not be approved. This is Facebook not Twitter. Hashtags do nothing for you on Facebook.

If a contest has already been posted, it won't be approved again. Having 10 posts about the same contest is just spam and leads to a ton of unwanted notifications.

Referral links are allowed BUT only if you are an active member who gives to the group, not just takes. This means if you never post your mail calls or prizes won or engage in any actual conversations within the group, your referral posts are not welcome.

ZERO free trial posts will ever be approved. Free means free.

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