How to Get Free Stuff Online

How to get free stuff online

Are you wanting to open your mailbox and find free samples, free full size products for you to try, and prizes!? Of coarse you are, and this list is going to help you achieve that!!

I absolutely love love love checking the mail everyday to see what amazing freebie or prize has arrived. You can check my mail too and see for yourself the wonderful products and treats that arrive.

To start getting free stuff in the mail you need to put in a little effort and make accounts with the best websites online. This list is a great starter point for you to start getting freebies in the mail.

First step is to join our private FB group My Canadian Mailbox. Current free sample offers get shared there and they go fast! Be in the know by being a member.

How to Get Free Stuff Online 

(Sign up with each separate offer)

Brand Power -Home Tester Club (As seen on the commercials)
Shopper's Voice Survey (1 time a year- free samples all year)
Social Nature (Free food product samples)
Sample Source ( Few times a year get a free box of product samples) See example
Amazon Canada ( Get random product samples in the mail, by opting in) See example
Checkout51 Cash Back App (Get product samples from within the app) See example
Topbox Circle (Test and review free beauty products) See Example
Sampler - (Random offered free samples for Canadians) See example
Influenster - (Get free Vox Boxes for testing and review) See example
Chick Advisor - (Test and review free household and beauty products)
XYStuff - (Men's free products to test and review) See example 
Family Rated- (Test and review free products)
PTPA - (Test and review products for free)
Mom Resource (Free sample offers- check often)

Canada's Legitimate Free Stuff Pages Online

Getting free stuff in the mail does take work and takes common sense. Following the wrong pages/groups will not fill your mailbox with free stuff.

Fake Freebies to Avoid

If you still have questions make sure to read Free Stuff in the Mail Questions answered

Make sure to snag your birthday freebies too! Everyone deserves something free on their special day!