18 Places You Can Find Contests for Canada


Entering and winning contests is a passion around here as you may have noticed. But with contests comes some fake and scam contest forms too. With 10+ years of contesting spotting the fakes is second nature to me now!

The entire basis of my blog is to help others win prizes, and scout out the latest and the best contests open to Canadians.

Clearly I am only one person and as much as I would love to say you can find every single contest open to Canada right here, that would be an insane claim. There are so many amazing contests offering fabulous prizes all the time. Having a wide range of places to look for a contest will increase your odds of winning yourself some prizes.

Top Canadian Hot Spots to Find Contests

  1. Angie's Canadian Mailbox
  2. Contest Queen
  3. Contest Canada
  4. Lucky Contest
  5. Contest Chest 
  6. YTV Contests for Kids
  7. Royal Draw
  8. Monster Energy Contests
  9. Canadian Free Stuff
  10. I love Savings -Contests
  11. Contest Girl 
  12. Sweepstakes.ca
  13. The Balance Everyday
  14. Checkout51 Monthly Contest
  15. Imports Dragon 
  16. Food Network Contests
  17. CBC Contests
  18. Curious about Canadian Contests

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