Are Free Stuff Websites Legit?

Free Stuff Websites

I get private messages and emails all the time asking me is a particular freebie website legit, or is this free stuff page real? That is such a loaded question I thought it was a better idea to break it down in a post.

Getting free products in the mail is very real, and has saved me thousands each year in products I would have otherwise never heard about, or tried. Getting a free razor, free shampoo, or free beauty products in the mail is totally real and the proof is in the pudding with all the shared mail calls you can find in my private group My Canadian Mailbox.

Are Free Stuff Websites Legit? 

For the most part I would say yes. Many freebie pages share legitimate offers great deals and tips that you can definitely benefit from. With that said there are some that don't post very legitimate offers, or websites and pages that do click bait their readers and post fake and scam offers.

TIP: The best way to start getting free samples and prizes and full size products in the mail for free is doing the work yourself. 
Canadian Freebies in the Mail

If a freebie website posts a fake freebie does that mean all their posts are fake?

Not at all. Scammers are getting very good at how they make offers look, so it's only human for a freebie page owner to get duped too. If you find consistent offers that don't seem right, or free samples posted that you never actually arrive then you may want to stop trusting the content on that particular free stuff website or page.

There are a few things you should avoid when opting into a freebie pages updates and email newsletters. Number 1 being the selling of products. Many freebie pages start as freebie and money saving websites and quickly turn into Amazon product selling machines which isn't what freebie hunting is about at all. It's easy to get sucked into deals that sound great but in reality aren't that great at all.

How Do I Know a Free Sample Offer is Legit ?

There are some very easy tell tale signs that let you know whether or not a freebie offer posted on a freebie website is legit. Here are the top things to make sure you see in the offer.

  • Privacy disclosure - By law how your information is going to be used must be disclosed. A legit offer will have this information.
  • Contact Information - Every legitimate sample or freebie offer will have contact information for you to reach out to the brand before or after trying their sample product.
  • Criteria - Free sample offers have criteria about who the company wants trying their product. Information such as only available to Canada, one per address, and any other details they need you to know.

Can I Find Freebies Without Using a Free Stuff Website?

Yes! And this in fact is the best way for you to find free samples and free full size products.

Sign up for email newsletters for your favorite brands and products. These often offer samples and contests to their email newsletter members only.

Check out the 12 top places for Canadians to get totally free products mailed to try, use and keep totally free in exchange for your online reviews.

Sign up for birthday freebies long before your birthday, and your email will be full of fun freebies for you right around your birthday.

The Shopper's Voice survey offers you free product samples and free product coupons for completing a one time survey each calendar year.

Sample Source gives out a limited amount of free sample boxes filled with samples and coupons a few times a year. Once you make your account you will be notified when each box is being released.

Google Search - Once you know how to avoid a fake freebie offer Google can be a great tool for finding the latest free sample offers available to you.

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