Free Stuff in the Mail September 4

Time to see what FREE STUFF came in the mail today! (Favorite part of my day) A couple awesome free samples arrived! If you want to see other freebies I got in the mail this month check out September's freebies. 

Free product coupons for food are my favorite coupons, who doesn't love free food right!? 2 Free coupons arrived from These were a limited time offer and coupons tend to go fast once they are available. 

1 Free product coupons for Bear Naked Granola (340 g). 
1 Free BOGO- buy one get one free coupon for Astro Kefir Probiotic Yogurt.

Free product coupons in the mail.

The next awesome treat in the mail was a very nice sized free sample of Revlex Muscle Pain Relief. This was a free sample offer that was offered on Facebook. It was shared in the private group and supplies went fast. I am super excited about the size of this sample, it gives you a real shot at seeing if the product works for you before you buy a full size one. 

Free Revlex Sample in the mail

Make sure to check back all month long to see what other prizes, freebies, and offers arrive in my mailbox. 

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