How to Enter an Instagram Contest

How to Enter Instagram Contests

One of the most asked questions in my private Facebook group My Canadian Mailbox is how to enter Instagram contests. So today I am going to give you a simple and understandable guide to setting up your Instagram account and how to get yourself involved with contests and giveaways on Instagram.


Instagram is an app, so is must be downloaded onto a cell phone or tablet to be used. You can sign in on a computer once you have the app, but you will be limited to what you can do on Instagram from a computer.

TIP: The cell phone you use for Instagram does not have to be an active cell phone. All it needs it the capability of WIFI.

You can sign up using an email address or your Facebook account.

Next it's time to choose an Instagram username and set your privacy settings.

Note: Don't use usernames with the words contest, giveaways, reviewer, product tester or things of that nature. Having your Instagram profile set to private will hinder you from winning prizes because contest sponsors can't see your entries. Set it to public and choose the perfect username for yourself.

What Instagram Icons are
Instagram Icons Explained.

Home - This icon takes you to your Instagram newsfeed. This is where you will come across contests and giveaways of the Instagram accounts you follow.

Search - This is where you can search for contests using the company name, product name, account names or hashtags. Example hashtags for contest searches -> #contest #Winprizes #instantwin #giveaway.

+ (Gallery)-  Hit the plus sign to upload a picture from your photo gallery on your mobile device. Here you can choose the picture you have taken to upload.

Like (Notifications) Hitting the heart button will bring you to your notifications. This is where you can see if you have been tagged in a comment, or announced as a winner of a contest.

Person Icon - Tapping this icon will bring you to your profile.

Uploading a Picture for a Contest

Some contests as that you upload a photo you have taken and use particular hashtags in the caption of your photo so they can see your entry. Example of a contest like this is the Mars Canada Instagram contest.
How to upload a picture to instagram

  • Hit the home icon
  • Top left tap the Instagram camera icon to take a picture or the + icon to get a picture from your phone's camera gallery.
  • Hit next and pic your filters and any changes you want to make to your picture.
  • Hit next and now it's time to add your title for your photo and all the hashtags the contest asks for. # in front of the word with no spaces. If a contest asks you to tag them put the @ symbol in front of their Instagram account name and again no spaces.
  • Hit share and you have uploaded a picture and the contest sponsor will see it if you have used the proper hashtags and tags.

How to Repost on Instagram for Contests

Sometimes a contest will ask you to repost their Instagram photo to gain an entry into their contest or giveaway.

The best way to do this is using an app to help you out. Repost for Instagram is an app that can help you regram posts.
  • Get the Repost App
  • Make sure to like the contest post so its saved in your likes
  • Open to Repost App
  • Tap likes to be taken to posts you have liked this is where the contest post you just liked is
  • Tap the regram button
  • Tap to export the photo to your own Instagram account and hit next
  • Add your caption and hashtags and any other requirements the contest sponsor had

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