How to Get Free Sample Alerts from SDM

How to get free samples at SDM

When I shared an email that I got from Shopper's Drug Mart about a free sample offer in the My Canadian Mailbox group I realized how few people knew about these offers. These are store specific offers that will be available at your local SDM.

So I am going to show you how to get yourself properly signed up with your email so you can hopefully start getting free sample and free beauty event offers to your email too.

This was the email I got offering me a limited time free sample from Shoppers Drug Mart. These offers come from stores that have a beauty boutique in them. If your local SDM doesn't you may not get these in store offers.

Quote from disclosure of email:

You are receiving this email because you opted in to receive emails from Cosmetics store 0652 (DUCKWORTH & CUNDLES) regarding products and promotions you were interested in.

Offers like these come in fairly regularly and are from the cosmetics/beauty part of SDM. Once you have signed up with your email for your local store, you will get emails that let you know of special events in store like free samples, contests and promotional deals and even free beauty events.

I would also suggest that you call your local store or drop in and ask to be signed up for their cosmetics in store event emails just to ensure you get the emails about free sample offers you should get. Not every store will offer this, but the majority will.

The other way is...

Visit the SDM Beauty website and scroll to the bottom and insert your address to sign up for the promotions events and latest beauty products email newsletter. Complete the form and watch for emails. These emails may not be store specific, so make sure to speak to your local store too about getting their emails.

When you are shopping at SDM it doesn't hurt to ask the cosmetics counter if they have an samples. More times than not I have been given some amazing perfume samples.

Other great ways to get free samples