Ruffles/Budweiser Speaker Prize Arrived in the Mail

I won a Ruffles Speaker in the contest

Did you manage to get an entry into the Ruffles/Budweiser speaker giveaway!? I shared the contest here on the blog because it had 1500 prizes to be given away, which is amazing chances for people to win themselves a super cool prize. And guess what!? TONS of people in the private group did win!! LOVE seeing winners!!

I was super lucky and won one of the speakers in the first weeks round of winners. There was 50 speakers a day and a total of 1500 given away! Well my gem of a Ruffles/Budweiser speaker arrived and it's pretty awesome!

There was a glitch when I was first notified that I was a winner, I answered the math question and their automatic form said my answer was wrong and it was 100% right! But after seeing quite a few people in the same boat Ruffles stepped up and re-sent the claim forms so rightful winners could claim their prizes. Their contest customer service was amazing and efficient.

If you missed out on this contest, don't worry there are many more to come. Last year they gave away really nice coolers and this year the speakers. Next year I will make sure to let you know what amazing prize they are giving away!

Thanks for peeking in my mail, make sure to check out all the other freebies that have arrived in the mail so far in September.