5 Ways to Find Canadian Free Samples Before the Freebie/Coupon Pages

Getting a free sample in the mail is a great treat, and it often leads to you finding a new product you love. Freebie/coupon pages capitalize on their readers not knowing how and where to find these offers and often ruin it for everyone by sharing it to 100,000 plus people who have zero interest in that product.

Free samples in Canada

Have you ever gotten an email from a freebie page saying there is a free sample available and by the time you click the offer it's gone!? Horrible feeling right? They count on that if you didn't know. Your click was all they needed. They could care less if you got the sample or if the offer is still running.

I have always advised family and friends not to ever sign up for freebie/coupon pages email newsletters. Not only do they clutter your email and could cause you to miss actual available offers and prize winner notifications in your email. You will increase your chances of getting a free sample offer while it's available if you don't wait on a freebie page email or alert.

YOU are the best tool for finding free sample offers open to you! Here are ways to find free samples on your own.

1. Make yourself  2 NEW emails. Don't use words like contests or freebies when you make your email. One email will be for free sample offers and  email newsletters, the other for contests. Set time aside to check these 2 emails every day twice a day. Once in the morning and once in the evening. If you are a Gmail user like me here is how to make a Gmail account for your contests.

2. Follow major brands on social media. Such as Butterball Canada, M&M Meat Shops, Dove Canada and other well known brands. It's not enough to just head to the page and click like. Interact with a post once in awhile. Click like on a post or two, this will trigger Facebook to show you more of their content in your newsfeed which keeps you informed about free sample offers and contests.

It was also make sure that when a brand runs a paid promotional ad, you are included in the audience. Not all free sample offers are shown to everyone in their newsfeed. This is because the brands pick who they want to see the free sample offer and you have to meet that criteria. To be shown more free sample offers in your Facebook newsfeed being active on brands pages will help you out a lot.

3. Sign up with the ongoing free sample programs that are offered to Canadians. Make sure your account is filled out completely and that it is in good standing. This means linking your social media accounts and adding your mailing address and sometimes even answering a new member survey.

Read the terms of each program you join in full, and keep track of the ones you are a member of.

Top Canadian Free Sample Programs 

  • Free Product Sampler from Sample Source 
Free samples pack from Sample Source

The free sample packs from Sample source come out a few times a year. They are only available for a super shot time and the limited quantities go very fast. Each sample box can have up to 20 free samples in it, which are offered to you based on your answers in the questionnaire. There is a strict limit of one per address, and they do delete all orders to an address if there is more than one.

The best advice I can give you as someone who has never missed a single sample box from them is this:

  • Have your account updated and totally completed with an easy password for you to remember
  • DO NOT wait for a Sample Source email to come saying samples are available, they will be gone.
  • Follow Sample Source on Instagram for posts and hints about when it will go live.
  • Double check how Canada Post see's your address, they have made changes to addresses and how they are accepted in written form. Sample Source goes by Canada Post's version of your address.

  • Sampler - Free Samples Monthly

The free samples offered by Sampler are offered randomly through different programs such as the MomResource or Family Fun Canada offers. Each offer may offer different samples at different times during a month.

You will always be asked a question or two before confirming you are eligible to receive a free sample. You then accept the free sample you are offered and it gets mailed right to your home. Keep in mind sometimes the questions can be a little weird to say the least, BUT answering them will get you offered more free samples in the future.

New hidden free sample portals are popping up all the time, and they can be found inside your account. Don't wait for a freebie page to post about a free sample, sign in and check the free sample offers to see if there are any waiting for you.

Free Sample account

4. Large brand email subscriptions.

Signing up for freebie/coupon pages email newsletters will clutter your email with tons of offers that are either already gone or totally fake to begin with. That's why #1 of this post is so important.

Freebie/coupon pages get their information from the exact same spots you can get the information. Email newsletters. I personally have an email dedicated to just email newsletters. This is generally the first spot you can find out about a brands contests, free sample offers and really hot promotions.

NOTE* Often times freebie pages will post a freebie offer but not give you the most important detail...That you MUST be an email subscriber of that brand to be eligible to get a free sample. You do your part and sign up, but that free sample never arrives.

5. Beauty Samples from Topbox & Topbox Circle
Free beauty samples

The latest and greatest free samples of beauty products are offered by Topbox Circle and the Topbox Beauty Subscription program. Once you are a member of Topbox Circle and your profile is complete you will get free sample offers emailed to you from time to time.

Not everyone gets the same free sample offers to their emails, but Topbox Circle makes sure that there is a share option to give others the opportunity to try the free sample you get offered. These free sample offers get shared often in the private My Canadian Mailbox group.

You are not guaranteed a free sample just because you sign up for it. With Topbox Circle watch for en email stating you have been approved and your free sample is on it's way.

Happy Free Sample Hunting!