Free Products in the Mail to Test with Chick Advisor

Free products

Chick Advisor offers Canadians a chance to try totally free products that they mail to you, in exchange for your honest review.

Important : You must do FIVE of your own reviews first before being eligible for any free products.

What does this mean? It means find 5 products you use in your home sign into your Chick Advisor account and post 5 separate reviews with pictures. Only then will you be eligible for free products in the mail.

How does it work? When a product is available to be tested they will email you. You answer the questions in the questionnaire and wait to see if you are one of the lucky Canadians picked.

What happens if I get picked? You will get a box in the mail of your free product(s). Once you get them you will need to closely follow the instructions in your account to do your honest review of the free product(s).

Current Chick Advisor Product's for Testing:

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