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Hi, New Here? I'm Angie and I love winning prizes, trying out new products and checking my mail! Winning even the smallest of prizes in Canadian contests can be so much fun and extremely rewarding.

Whether you have only a few minutes a day online to a few hours of time to pass, entering contests is free, fun, and so exciting when you are deemed a winner.

I spend countless hours a day online hunting down the best of the best contests open to Canadians and share them here with you. Want a little something free? Watch my mail calls and see all the amazing products and surprises I get in the mail everyday totally free. I share with you daily how to get these offers, and what you need to do to continue getting free stuff in the mail.

A little wary about entering contests online? Don't blame you! With so many scammers out there knowing which contests are the best to enter. I take the guess work out of finding the best and legitimate contests for you.

Make sure to check out all of my contest winning tips before jumping into the wonderful hobby of contesting and winning.

Angie's Canadian Mailbox is a diary of prizes, free products, and everything free that arrives in the mail in Canada! Oh and it's ALL available to YOU too!

Here you will learn the how to's of getting free products mailed right to your home, ways to get the most FREE rewards online without ever spending a cent, make new friends and join our amazing group of Canadians in the My Canadian Mailbox FB group. (Not everyone is approved)

Share in other's winning moments and see the amazing prizes and totally free household things Canadians are getting every single day!

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Here on Angie's Canadian Mailbox not only will you score yourself some freebies, you will learn how to win more prizes, the tips and tricks of entering the right contests and how to win some of the best prizes ever!! You will learn which freebie pages to avoid and what scams to be aware of.

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