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Everything Savings is a Barrie, Ontario based blog that is updated daily by the Owner Angela Wright.  As an extreme couponer who refuses to pay full price for food, toiletries and almost anything else I started blogging in 2010 about  saving  money, winning prizes more often and couponing to the extreme to save the most money.

Contests and giveaways are a passion as well, and posted right here on EverythingSavings.ca daily. All contests that are posted are safe and will not lead you into a spiral of spam.

Everything Savings is the newest baby in our blog family and is privately sponsored to bring you the best of the best in food coupons, grocery shopping tips, prizes available to you for the winning and so much more!

What makes EverythingSavings.ca different than other money saving websites is that this blog is not here to make money. It's here to share great deals, hot offers, money saving tips, life hacks, contests and giveaways. Many money saving blogs, or freebie blogs try to make a living from their blogs, so you often find a once known as freebie page now trying to get you to buy products and post non stop affiliate links to products. This is not how Everything Savings works and never will. We don't need this blog to make money, we need it to SAVE you money.

About the Author 

Angie is a 41 year old mother of 3 sons and a fur grand baby. Being a BA (Business Accountant) for many years taught me more than I probably needed to know on how to waste money, now it's time to save and make extra money.

Extreme coffee addict, with 3 different brand coffee machines in the kitchen, there is never a shortage of coffee to keep me blogging and finding the best deals for real budgets.

I blog with integrity and honesty and fell that many bloggers in this niche have lost that due to greed. I am thankful everyday that I do not have to make an income blogging, I can't even imagine relying on such an unsteady stream of income.

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You can contact us anytime by emailing Canadasfreebiehunter@gmail.com.

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