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Save Money-

Do you know how to...

Save money on road trips?

Get FREE beauty products?

Get free products right from Amazon Canada?

How to fill your grocery cart for next to free?

Quirky ways to save extra cash? 

Find out the answer to these and tons more ways you can save your money! We show you all the little ways you can save money in your everyday life you may not have even thought of!

Ready and willing and really needing to save money but need a little push and some ideas? Then this is the spot for you! Saving money has been a passion for years, and avoiding paying full price on almost anything is the main goal.

Start Saving Money
How to save money

We get emails every week asking me just how to start saving money, and how to save money on particular things like the food budget, gifts for special occasions and holidays, Christmas and so on.  So this page is dedicated to all the different ideas, resources, tips and guides on how to save money.

Saving your spare change is a great way to save some extra money when things are tight and you are making it paycheck to paycheck.Save all your change throughout the year in a jar, adding to it every day. Whenever you make a cash purchase and get any change it automatically becomes change that will go into your change jar, not back in your pocket. 

Make extra money online - There are countless ways to make money online and none that I suggest will ever cost you a cent to get into. Swagbucks, Legerweb and InstaGC are 3 of the easiest ways to make money online. Starting a blog or becoming an affiliate for places like Amazon and Walmart are other easy free ways to make money online.

Visit yard sales often & Have One - Have a profitable yard sale with these ideas. Selling off items you aren't using is a great way to make a little cash to put away for savings. And buying things you need slightly used at yard sales saves you money for sure.

Never pay for shipping costs- With the many options to shop online there is always a way to get free shipping. is the best option for shopping online and getting free shipping. Either with Amazon Prime which I swear by or by meeting the low $35 spending limit.

Inflate your tires - Even being 2 PSI under what your recommended tire pressure is wastes 1% of you gas. Most of us forget to check the pressure and are driving around approximately 10 PSI below the needed. Easily improve your gas mileage by 4%

Shop at second-hand stores when you can. NOT for underwear and personal items!
There are so many benefits to shopping at thrift stores. yard sales and second hand. Benefits to our budget, our creativity and just plain fun to search for treasures!

Shopping at second-hand stores can be very budget friendly and you could find a treasure! Kids tend to blow through clothes in a 5-minute span that's when buying second hand can be a real bank account saver.

Somethings in a second-hand store are better left right there on the shelf no matter how low the price. We all have our own personal boundaries on what we are willing to use that is second hand.

Use a change jar and don't stop - Some people say's the worst way to save money, but seriously come on, you're an adult you should have the self control not to dip into your change car. 

Leave the kids home when you shop for anything - This is a priceless tip from a mom of 3 boys. You will spend less if you leave the kids home.

Exchange babysitting with a friend- Don't pay for babysitting services. Make deals with friends that have kids to exchange babysitting on date night's and grocery shopping trips. 

Stop paying for cable and get a TV box, or use your internet. If you have internet access then you have access to thousands of free shows, movies and videos. Paying for cable is a massive waste of money.

Go to restaurants that offer free meals for kids and coupons for you. Eating out doesn't have to break the budget. You can easily save money with a few minutes of prep before heading out to a restaurant. Print a coupon or two and save your money.

Do minor household repairs yourself- You can do it! - YouTube has a video and very detailed videos on how to fix almost anything. Before paying for small household and car repairs, learn something new and try and do it yourself.

Use all the rewards and points programs you are eligible for. 
Use cash back programs and apps to get money back on all your online shopping
Join Swagbucks to earn gift card codes for everyday products free. More ways to earn Amazon money.

Don't go grocery shopping hungry- Eat something, eat anything even just an apple before heading into the grocery store. Going shopping on an empty stomach increases your chances of over spending on things you don't really need.

Buy generic brands - Being brand loyal is costing you more money and it doesn't need to. Try store brands you will probably be pleasantly surprised and save some money. 

Do your own oil changes - Get online and learn how to do your own oil change. Anyone can do it, so save the cash and do it yourself.

Do Christmas shopping all year- Don't wait for higher prices right before the holidays
Make your kids spend their allowance on things like cell phones and non-necessities 

Open a bank account with a no fee bank such as President's Choice or Tangerine.

Join product testing communities and get products free of charge. 

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